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Our Lord, Our Teacher

Psalm 25:4-5

4 Show me Your ways, O Lord;

Teach me Your paths.

5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me,

For You are the God of my salvation;

On You I wait all the day.

What a difference God can make in our lives, if we are willing to be taught.

Our prayers should always be requesting the Lord's teaching and correction.

This is a prayer our Father loves to answer.

He will gladly show us His ways if we are willing.

It is no surprise that the world is in darkness and lack knowledge.

If people do not want to learn, then they will live their lives in ignorance of the Lord.

Because they are not willing and not seeking God's wisdom.

When we seek God humbly and sincerely, knowing that we are sinners and not deserving of grace, then our Heavenly Father is pleased to teach us what we need to know.

The Lord loves to teach us.

When you read the gospels, you see Jesus spending a lot of time teaching.

Because He wants us to know and understand.

The word of God, the Bible, is not too difficult to understand.

As Christians, we should always pray for God's guidance, for the Lord's teaching.

What wonderful things we learn, when we have God as our teacher.

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